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Benefits of being or hiring a Dental Locum?

Dental Locuming an Emerging Career Choice for Dentists What is a locum? The Latin phrase locum tenens means ‘placeholding or ‘substituting’. A locum or temporary is a medical professional who uses his or her skills to help underserved communities or fill in for professionals on holiday or maternity leave. Locuming is an established practice with…read more

Looking for flexibility in professional life?

You would be a great locum! Stay at home mom/dad?  This is THE most precious time, take it! But get back to work as you see fit and as your kids grow and your family dynamic changes. Avid traveler?  Work a month, travel a month, work a month, travel a  month…you get the picture. Can’t…read more

Wouldn’t you rather spend two weeks in Italy this year?

Two weeks in Italy! That is a dream trip, right? And we can help you make that happen by bringing in another dental professional to cover your office while you are gone, you can enjoy your time away knowing that everything back at home is covered. Patients do not have to put off treatment and…read more

Time for that double knee replacement?

Trust me, this doesn’t have to be doubly bad. You can take the time off you need to take care of your body, while a trusted dental professional looks after your practice and patients with utmost care. You may be at a point where it’s time to take care of things personally and your medical…read more

Adding to your family?

First child? Fifth? Doesn’t matter you deserve the choice to stay home whether you are mom or dad!  Who would want to miss out on all those “firsts”?  The first laugh, coo, smile. Come on now, we are dental professionals–we can’t miss the first smile! Indeed, growing your family is a big deal! Those first…read more