Dental Locum

Interested in Dental Locuming?

What is dental locuming?

Dental locuming is when you fill in temporarily for another dentist while they are away from their practice. Many dental locum jobs are covering maternity leaves, vacations, or medical absences for the owner dentist and can last from one week to many months, some may even lead to partnerships.

Highly Skilled and Great Bed-side Manner

Successful dental locums are highly skilled and have great bedside manner.  Dental Locums are usually dentists who want to try out different markets before they settle on owning their own practice, semi-retired dentists, or career locums who want to have the ultimate flexibility throughout their career.

New Job, New City, Semi-Retired, Stay at Home Mom

So are you interested in locuming?  Are you looking for a new job, a new city, semi-retired, stay at home mom who wants to keep up her skills?  We are looking for you!

Fast Growing

Locuming is a fast growing category in dentistry due to the lifestyle choices of owner dentists i.e. two week vacations in Italy, two month maternity leave, double knee replacement surgery. (Not jealous of that last guy, right!?)

More Choices

Sign up today, if you are a dentist who wants to have more choices in your schedule. Stay at home moms who want to pick up a few days here and there. Retired but just can’t REALLY retire, it’s ok we need you and your talents.

You know who you are, sign up below or reach out to us via the Contact Us page .