Looking for flexibility in professional life?

You would be a great locum!

Stay at home mom/dad?  This is THE most precious time, take it! But get back to work as you see fit and as your kids grow and your family dynamic changes.

Avid traveler?  Work a month, travel a month, work a month, travel a  month…you get the picture.

Can’t decide where to live or set up shop? You might want to check out different areas of the country or a city before you “sign THE contract”.

First job? Test drive a few practices before you make a decision. They say the most frustrating part of dentistry is finding the right partner/practice.

“Retiring” but not retired, you know who you are…you want to, we know! It’s just who you are and we are here to help you enjoy the most of your retirement while still giving you that “fix” to stay involved in your profession.

The best part of locuming is getting to establish your schedule and still practice as a dental professional, don’t waste all those years in school or let yourself get rusty, the world needs your talent. There are so many dental professionals who are looking for someone with your excellent skills to take care of their practices while they are out of the office, you are needed more than ever!


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